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Under the new stay-at-home order, you and your family will need to stay at home for a minimum of three weeks in Murrieta, CA. However, you can step out for essential activities, including dental care. This is why Dr. Valerie Scola and her team at Scola Family Dentistry are prepared to attend to your dental care needs in a safe yet comfortable environment.

Throughout these difficult times, Dr. Scola has been vigilant regarding all safety measures and protocols. She and her team are also constantly ensuring that they are following the guidance of the California Department of Public Health. Below are some of the steps that we are taking to ensure your safety at all times:

  1. Patient Screening Form: our office staff will take you through a patient screening form. This simple form asks you simple questions to assess whether you have any COVID-19 symptoms and whether you have been exposed to any COVID-19 positive patients. This allows us to assess any COVID-19 risks about your visit. Further, as we require all patients visiting us to fill this screening form, we can keep an eye on and ensure the well-being of not just you but all our patients.
  2. Reporting Symptoms or Positive COVID-19 Test Results: all our team members are continuously trained and updated with the knowledge and tools needed to screen for COVID-19. They are aware of what is needed to comply with regulatory requirements, and thereby contact tracing, and also to ensure that any likelihood of the spread of the disease is minimized.
  3. Practice Management: at Scola Dentistry, our staff have undergone training and are fully aware of managing our practice during these difficult times. We are taking all CDA prescribed precautions about scheduling patients to ensure that you will receive the dental treatment that you need while also ensuring that we have some leeway for infection control, PPE changes, disinfection procedures, and patient screening.

During these times, Dr. Scola wants to assure you that we are following all procedures required to keep you safe from not only dental concerns but also from COVID-19. You must keep up with your dental appointments to ensure your overall wellness. We are constantly in touch with all our patients, and we can help you decide how and when you need to come in for your routine dental checkup or even other customized dental treatments.

As a patient, we expect very little from you. First of all, we encourage our patients to get the seasonal flu vaccine. This will keep any flu symptoms at bay and also reduce any concerns that we may have about your overall health. When you come to visit us, please wear your face covering throughout your visit and practice social distancing at all times. You will receive instructions on when to remove your covering during the appointment.

Dr. Scola would like to emphasize the crisis we are in the midst of and would like to reiterate how important it is to stay at home, other than for dental care and other essential services. This can reduce the spread of the virus and help ensure that we do not overburden the health care system. This will ensure that patients who are extremely vulnerable and are at high-risk can get the care that they need from our system.

You are not alone in this—Dr. Scola is here with you at all times to always look after your smile and your overall wellness!

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