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Same-day crowns are changing the game

We value our relationships with our patients highly. That is why we are always looking for dental solutions that are safe and effective, and convenient. We know it can be a real pain to schedule the time away from your busy life to come in for dental treatment. This is why Dr. Valerie Scola and our team here at Scola Family Dentistry in Murrieta, California, are excited to announce that we now offer same-day dental crowns. You no longer need to worry about scheduling multiple appointments when the need for a dental crown arises. Now you can be in and out with your dental crown in just a single, convenient visit to our office.

What do same-day crowns offer you?

Same-day crowns offer many advantages:

  • You no longer need to come in for multiple visits so that impressions can be taken and sent off to an off-site lab. You have the convenience of it being a single appointment procedure
  • No more temporary crowns! Dr. Scola will utilize state-of-the-art scanning technology that takes a digital impression of your mouth before sending it to our on-site machine, making the crown right in our office. You will not have a temporary crown for weeks before returning for your permanent crown.

Are same-day crowns just as good as traditional crowns?

You may worry that a crown made the same day you visit could prove to be weaker or provide less durability than crowns created at an off-site lab — nothing could be further from the truth! Same-day crowns provide the same strength and durability as any crown made in the past at an off-site lab. We would never trade convenience for quality, which is why you can trust that a same-day dental crown will be just as strong and durable. You will love your new same-day crown.

Interested in a same-day dental crown?

If you are interested in learning more about our same-day dental crowns, please reach out to the team here at Scola Family Dentistry. We would love to answer any questions you may have and schedule an appointment for you to come in for an examination to see if a crown is an appropriate solution for your dental needs. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Valerie Scola, please call (951) 692-4221 today!

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