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Preserve your healthy smile; protect your teeth from decay with dental sealants in Murrieta, CA

The California Department of Public Health reports that the rate of decay on smooth tooth surfaces among children has “declined markedly” over the past 50 years. The CDPH attributes this significant improvement in dental decay to the “widespread exposure of fluorides” through the likes of municipal water systems. Now, most of the decay among school-aged kids is found on those non-smooth surfaces. Yet even these pitted and fissured teeth have a powerful ally to prevent early childhood cavities and tooth loss: dental sealants. Scola Family Dentistry in Murrieta, CA may recommend this conservative, non-invasive, tooth-preserving, fast, affordable, and safe preventive treatment to protect your child’s back teeth. These molars feature pits and fissures that can trap food debris, which promotes the build-up of bacterial plaque that eats through the teeth and inflames the gums. Due to their location, molars can be very hard to clean effectively.

The sealant quite literally “seals out” food particles and other harmful substances. A thin, BPA-free coating is applied as a liquid to teeth that are clean and dry. Dr. Scola securely “bonds” or fixes the coating to the teeth by preparing them with a gel-like, texturizing product. Then, she hardens the sealant to underlying tooth structure with a specialized dental instrument. That is it! During six-month check-ups, your dentist will evaluate the condition of your sealants. They are quite durable, but we want to ensure they are in good working order. So, that way, they can effectively keep out bacteria and other destructive elements. Sealants will be replaced as needed.

Sealants: Not just for kids

We may recommend this preventive procedure as soon as the first molars come in, usually around the age of six. This is a proactive approach to warding off dental decay by not giving lingering food the chance to get caught in hard-to-reach and grooved surfaces. However, we can place sealants for adult patients, too. Over time, medical conditions can result in new challenges to your oral health. Sealants provide another layer of protection, on top of good oral hygiene and professional cleanings at our office, to keep your teeth healthy and decay-free.

We are proud to serve adult and pediatric patients from throughout the area — Temecula, Menifee, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Sun City, Canyon Lake, and surrounding communities. Schedule your appointment at our Murrieta, CA office today.

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