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Get back on the road to oral health; a guide to simple and surgical tooth extractions in Murrieta, CA

Nine out of 10 people will develop complications related to their wisdom teeth. But that does not mean you have to suffer from the pain, swelling, and other symptoms associated with impacted wisdom teeth. During routine extractions, Scola Family Dentistry in Murrieta, CA monitors how these last molars are developing. If Dr. Scola notices that a tooth is not erupting properly, she will recommend proactive removal to avoid the pain and other complications, while common wisdom tooth removal represents just one type of extraction. Except for impacted wisdom teeth, extractions are a “last resort” procedure.

Simple tooth extractions

As the name suggests, a “simple” tooth extraction is generally a straightforward, non-surgical process. It may be appropriate to remove a tooth that is broken or decayed. Enough of the tooth should be present above the gumline for us to loosen it in the socket with a specialized dental instrument (“elevator”). With the tooth loosened, we can easily remove it by using other tools to gently grasp and lift the tooth. For your comfort, local anesthetic is administered to numb the treatment site. 

Generally, every effort is made to preserve natural teeth. We work closely with our patients on oral care and other preventive measures to protect teeth from damage caused by tooth decay,  gum disease, sports-related dental trauma, and other oral conditions. 

Surgical tooth extractions 

Also known as a “complex” extraction, surgical tooth removal differs largely from simple tooth removal when teeth are so broken, decayed, or otherwise damaged that most or all the structure is underneath the gum tissue. In these situations, the tooth cannot be loosened, grasped, and lifted from the socket with specialized instruments. Incisions must be made to access the trouble tooth; for instance, a wisdom tooth may be impacted or fail to erupt fully through the gums. 

Several factors are considered before determining the best technique to efficiently and precisely remove your tooth, including its position, the length of the roots (and how they are curved), the surrounding bone’s density, and your overall health. We will also discuss sedative options as appropriate, as well as instructions for care prior to and after treatment. It is important to follow nutritional guidance and other instructions, which supports healthy and prompt healing. Dry socket, for instance, occurs when the blood clot that forms at the extraction site is dislodged. It can be avoided with steps such as refraining from using straws, rigorous exercise, smoking, and other behaviors as instructed that could damage the wound.

Do not wait for problems to arise. A little care and “maintenance” can go a long way toward protecting the health, beauty, and function of your smile. Serving Temecula, Menifee, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Sun City, Canyon Lake, and surrounding communities, our Murrieta office welcomes you. Schedule an appointment today.

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